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Payment options fit for all students

We’re dedicated to ensuring that a quality, affordable education is available to everyone. Our mission is for you to have the opportunity to become a tech professional. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is going to be unique which is why we offer flexible payment options tailored to suit different individual’s needs. Nothing should stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

Nothing should stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

Your options, simplified!

Pay in full Pay in full - pay up front, save big

Pay your full tuition up front and receive up to a $2,000 discount on your tuition. A big investment up front pays off long term.

Best for: Getting the cheapest tuition cost, using savings to minimize cost.


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Installment plan Installment plan - pay while you learn

Make three equal monthly payments as you learn throughout the cohort. A popular choice for students who cannot bear the cost of paying up front.

Best for: Getting a discounted tuition, avoiding fees or interest, and splitting up payments with a credit card.


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Deferred payments Deferred payments - pay once you get a job

Student loans are available with deferred payment options. You can defer payments up until six months post-graduation. If you are still job-seeking, you can request a forbearance.

Best for: Low-risk to no-risk individuals, low-to-no upfront costs. No prepayment penalties for paying your loan off early


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0% interest loan 0% interest loan - borrow your tuition with no fees

For qualified applicants our industry-leading lending partners can offer you a loan with zero interest for 18 months! Subject to credit approval

Best for: Getting the cheapest tuition cost, using savings to minimize cost.


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Employer sponsored Employer sponsored - upskill with the support of your employer

By utilizing your employer’s support, you can make a significant investment in your education and career growth. Investing in yourself is the ultimate return on education.

Best for: those looking to take advantage of employer benefits to offset tuition costs.


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AmeriCorps AmeriCorps - tuition matching for the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

At Coding Temple, we’re honored to be an AmeriCorps School of National Service and to help AmeriCorps members and alumni achieve their education goals.

We offer tuition matching and accept Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards towards tuition fees.


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What’s included in program cost

Pre-work curated by experts to help you prepare for your specific course.

Individual feedback and guidance from experienced instructors and TAs plus small class sizes.

Comprehensive curriculum and expert instruction designed to take you from a beginner to industry-ready in a matter of weeks.

Dedicated Student Relation Managers to help you combat imposter syndrome, improve time-management skills, and be successful throughout the program.

A professional-quality portfolio of real-world projects that showcases your technical skills and demonstrates your abilities to potential employers.

Lifetime career support after graduation to help you navigate your job search, from application to salary negotiation, and more.

Technical interview training and preparation to help you succeed in technical interviews and demonstrate your skills and abilities.

Digital Credentials and a certificate of completion to showcase your new skill set on LinkedIn.

Access to our employer and alumni network to connect with a community of professionals and gain valuable resources for networking, career advice, and job opportunities.

Continuing education and workshops post-graduation to help you stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and skills.


We offer a variety of scholarship opportunities to make your career change a reality! All scholarship applications must be submitted through an Admissions Advisor.


When to finalize your funding



It’s important to explore our different career tracks and see which path and learning option interests you the most!



Our admissions advisors are always ready to help you explore financing options, and to guide you toward the financial plan that best fits your needs.



Submit your application – it takes less than 5 minutes. After you apply you will be sent a basic skills assessment. Our 50-question assessment is meant to test your cognitive skills. Don’t stress! We want to know if you can think like a programmer, if you can we will take it from there!



Finalize your payment plan to secure your seat! Once you’re enrolled, you will gain instant access to our preparatory work, slack channels, and 1:1 support prior to class.

Frequently asked questions

What is Deferred Tuition?

Loans are available with deferred payment options. You can defer payments up until 9 months post-graduation.

Does financing impact my credit score?

In the pre-qualification process, a soft credit check is conducted with no impact to your credit score. In addition to learning more about your eligibility, you can also see the rates and terms you pre-qualify for. If you choose to move forward with your loan terms, a hard credit pull is required.

Do I have to pay a deposit if I choose to finance?

No, if you choose to finance your tuition, you will not be required to pay a deposit.

When do I have to pay back my loan?

You can defer payments up until nine months post-graduation.

What Scholarships are available?

We offer over $10,000 in scholarships to qualified applicants every quarter. In addition, one student will receive a full-tuition scholarship each quarter for either the full-time or part-time program.

How do I qualify for scholarships?

All scholarship applications must be submitted through an admissions advisor. Please contact to see if you qualify.

Can my employer help pay for my tuition?

Yes, employers can help pay for your tuition via our Pay-In-Full or Installment Plan options. To learn more please contact

Do you offer ISA's?

No, we do not offer ISA’s. Here’s why

ISA’s VS Loans

Income Share Agreeements (ISA’s) Student Loans
Read the fine print. High-risk jobs will take up to 17% of your income once you land your first position. Some companies require you to work the first position you are offered. No prepayment or origination fees If you pay your loan of early you can pay off your balance earlier and not incur all of the interest.
Still require credit checks Low minimum fixed rate APR With interest rates being low for bowwers, not having an interest rate tied to your success ends up saving money.
No option to prepay. Whether you get a high paying job post graduation you are on the hook to repay the full amount of your Income Share Agreement. Paying your ISA off early does not lower the amount you will pay. Deferred Tuition. With a student loan you can defer tuition for up to 6 months. With an ISA if you land a job, you will be required to start your payments immediately.
After the grace period, you still have to pay back the tuition even if you never get a job. Many options for a repayment term length. Student loans give you the flexibility to choose your term length.
Expensive ISA’s end up being the most costly way to borrow money to finance your tuition. As an example a student making $85,00 per year after graduation will pay $8,000 more over the course of their ISA than a student who took out a student loan. That’s almost $225 a /month. Apply with a Cosigner If you do not have established credit or low credit, you can apply with a cosigner.
Unregulated and illegal in certain states Cashback reward after graduation. Setting up recurring payments gives you incentive to pay lower fees
Forbearance options. If you run into tough times you can request a loan forbearance. Reach out to your loan officer for more information.

Do you offer a Money-Back Guarantee? (MBG)

Yes. If you are actively job-seeking and following our MBG guidelines*, we offer a full-tuition reimbursement 9 months post-graduation.

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