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Why Coding Temple?

At Coding Temple, we prioritize a hands-on approach to learning by providing students the opportunity to build applications and gain real-world experience in a small classroom setting with the most current curriculum.

If a personalized and tailored education is what you’re seeking, Coding Temple is the right fit for you.

Do I need previous coding experience?

There are no standard prerequisites for attending our coding bootcamps. Successful graduates have entered the program from a wide array of ages, backgrounds, and career levels.

We do have an admissions process and you will need to demonstrate a level of aptitude that will allow you to succeed. What you need to ask yourself is, “Do I have what it takes to achieve my goals?” This will be one of the hardest but most rewarding experiences in your life.

If you are looking to switch careers, advance up the ladder, or build on your current skill set, then our coding bootcamp is right for you!

How do I know which course is right for me?

If you are having trouble deciding on which course to take, our Career Path Comparison page is a great resource for you. It provides a side-by-side comparison of different career paths and the specific courses offered at Coding Temple that can help you achieve those goals. The page includes information about the job outlook, salary, and the skills and knowledge that will be covered in each course. This will help you make an informed decision about which path is the best fit for you and your goals.

If you are still not sure, our admissions team is here to help. They can guide you through the process by discussing your career goals, time commitments and financing options, to help you make an informed decision. Reach out to our admissions advisors today to get personalized help in selecting the perfect course for you.

How long does the admissions process take and when can I expect to hear back?

After speaking with admissions, the next step will be to submit an application and complete an assessment. Once completed, you can expect to receive a decision within 2 business days.

How old do I have to be to enroll?

The minimum age to enroll is 18.

If I want to apply for a later cohort, should I wait to apply?

You can apply at any time. In fact, the earlier you submit your application, the better! Early enrollment ensures you have a seat in your desired cohort and gives you plenty of time to complete the prep work before your course begins.

Speak with an admissions representative to get started.

How soon can I start my course after I apply

If you are enrolled in a Self-Paced Course you will receive immediate access to the curriculum.

If you are enrolled in a Full-Time or Part-Time course, you will receive immediate access to pre-work. Once your pre-work is completed, your course will start on the scheduled cohort start date.



What courses do you offer?

Coding Temple currently offers courses in Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, and Quality Assurance

Is there required pre-work for the course?

Yes, there is preparatory work that will get you ready for the first day of class. Once you are accepted into one of our programs, you will have access to our prework, instructors, slack, and workshops. If you are struggling with the prework, you can schedule 1:1 tutoring to make sure you are ready before class starts.

Pre-work is 100% mandatory for all students to complete.

What is the schedule and time commitment?

The time commitment for our courses varies, depending on your learning style and which program you choose. Note that we recommend 15 to 70 hours per week – some students spend more time than that, while others spend less.

Check out our course overview pages, download our course packets, or speak to an admissions advisor to learn more.

What does the typical day/week look like for a Coding Temple Student?

Your typical day or week will depend on whether you are taking a Full-Time, Part-Time, or Self-Paced course.

Visit our program pages or request a course packet to learn more about life in each program.

What is a typical class size?

At Coding Temple, we maintain small class sizes, with an average of 14-20 students per class and a 6:1 student-to-instructor ratio. You will be guided by Senior and Associate Instructors during class hours, and Night and Weekend Instructors are available for after-hours assistance. This ensures that you receive personalized attention and support throughout your program.

What will I receive to prove I completed the program?

At Coding Temple, we believe in recognizing and rewarding our students’ achievements. We issue digital badges for each module you complete throughout the duration of the course. These badges are not only a way for you to showcase the skills and knowledge that you have acquired, but also serve as a way to track your progress and keep motivated.

Upon graduation, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate, along with the badges you have earned, will be added to your digital portfolio, which you can share with potential employers as a way to stand out in a competitive job market.

Learn more about our Digital Credentials Program

How long do I get access to course materials?

You will get access to the course materials for the duration of the program you are enrolled in. Coding Temple graduates get access to the Self-Paced versions of their program for life upon graduation. Meaning you can always go back and review the curriculum and your projects. If you drop from the course at any time your access will be revoked immediately.

What happens if I fall behind?

Our Instructors and Student Success Coaches work 1:1 with each student to ensure you are on the right path to graduation. If you fall behind, you will be provided with the support needed to get back on track.

Program Cost

Program Cost

How much does it cost?

We have different pricing depending on the course type and payment plan you choose. We have pay in full, installment plans, and deferred payment options.

Do you offer a Money-Back Guarantee? (MBG)

Yes. If you are actively job-seeking and following our MBG guidelines*, we offer a full-tuition reimbursement 9 months post-graduation.

Can my employer help pay for my tuition?

Yes, employers can help with your tuition via our Pay-In-Full or Installment Plan options.

To learn more please contact info@codingtemple.com.

What is Deferred Tuition?

Deferred tuition is a type of financing option for students where they pay for their education after they have completed the program and secured employment.

This can help students who may not have the financial means to pay for the full tuition upfront, but are willing to invest in their education with the expectation of a return on their investment through a higher paying job.

You can request to defer payments up until 9 months post-graduation.

*You must qualify for deferred tuition

When do I need to pay for tuition?

This is determined by which payment option you choose.

Pay In Full

  • You can pay for the tuition in full and receive a $1,000 discount
  • $1,000 deposit required (goes towards tuition)
  • Tuition is due by day 1 of class to receive the discount

Installment Plan

  • Tuition is divided by 3 equal payments
  • $1,000 deposit required (goes towards tuition)
  • Full tuition balance must be paid off by graduation

Student Loan/Deferred Tuition

  • Each financing option has its own payment schedule.
  • No deposit is required
  • Tuition payments can be deferred up until 9 months post graduation

Financing & Scholarships

Financing & Scholarships

What financing options does Coding Temple offer?

Coding Temple offers financing options through Ascent and Climb.

We recommend consulting with the Coding Temple admissions team to understand which financing or payment option best suits your needs.

Does financing impact my credit score?

In the pre-qualification process, a soft credit check is conducted with no impact to your credit score. In addition to learning more about your eligibility, you can also see the rates and terms you pre-qualify for.

If you choose to move forward with your loan terms, a hard credit pull is required.

Do I have to pay a deposit if I choose to finance?

No, if you choose to finance your tuition, you will not be required to pay a deposit.

When do I have to pay back my loan?

You can defer payments up until 9 months post-graduation.

What Scholarships are available?

We offer over $10,000 in scholarships to qualified applicants every quarter! 

How do I qualify for scholarships?

All scholarship applications must be submitted through an admissions advisor. Please contact admissions@codingtemple.com to see if you qualify. 

Career Services

Career Services

What does the career support program offer?

One of the biggest reasons we are able to maintain a 97% job placement rate is because of our comprehensive Career Services. Coding Temple’s success is directly tied to our student outcomes. We do everything we can to set our graduates up for success by providing the resources, tools, and guidance needed for each individual to land their new job.

We offer LinkedIn Optimization, Resume Building, Interview Prep, Behavioral Interviews, Mock Technical Assessments, 1:1 Mentoring / Coaching, Daily Slack Challenges, Continued Education, Interview Debriefs, and more. We also host weekly workshops covering: Algorithms and Data Structures, MAANG technical interview prep, Behavioral Do’s and Don’ts, Success Stories with advice from hired Alumni, etc. 

Our career services are also available to our alumni for life, not just after graduation. Learn more

What kind of jobs would a typical graduate look for?

Job placements for graduates depend on the career path they are most interested in. Our graduates have secured roles as software engineers, front-end developers, back-end developers, data analysts, project managers, and more.

How long will I have access to Career Services?

For life! You will have access to materials, resources, community groups, and we will be here to support you no matter where you are in your career journey.

Do you offer a job guarantee?

Yes, we offer a job guarantee and a money back guarantee. We strongly believe if you graduate the program and are willing to put in the effort during your job search, you will gain meaningful employment within 9 months of graduation or your money back.

Will Coding Temple help me prepare for technical interviews?

Yes, we provide 1:1 preparation for technical interviews along with weekly workshops to sharpen your technical skills.

Do you have partnerships with other companies?

Yes! We have partnerships with many companies to hire our graduates.



How many students have graduated from Coding Temple?

We have graduated 500+ students since we opened our doors in 2015, with students going on to enjoy careers at LinkedIn, Amazon, Salesforce, Accenture, Cisco, Yale, Wayfair, Deloitte, and many other exciting tech companies.

What is the average salary for graduates?

We currently have an average starting salary of $81,310.  A more in-depth look at student outcomes, reviews, and analysis can be found on our Outcomes Page.



What is a coding bootcamp?

A bootcamp is an accelerated learning program that gives people the opportunity to switch careers without having to enroll in another 2 or 4 years of traditional education. It is a concept that’s rapidly transforming the way people learn.

Does Coding Temple stay updated with In-Demand Technologies?

Absolutely! We are always updating our curriculum to make sure we stay current with the latest technologies.

How can I best prepare myself to succeed in your program?

Once you have been accepted to Coding Temple, we provide pre-work that needs to be completed before the program starts. The pre-work will require a 40 hours-a-week commitment for two weeks prior to starting the program. If you happen to complete the pre-work ahead of schedule, we will share some additional resources for you to complete so that you’re best prepared to succeed and thrive in our intensive program.

Is attendance mandatory?

Yes, attendance is mandatory in all of our live-instruction courses.

Is Coding Temple accredited?

Coding Temple, along with all other bootcamps, is not an accredited institution. Coding Temple is Board of Higher Education approved.

Do I need a laptop or PC?

Yes, all of our courses require access to a computer. You will also need access to stable wifi, a microphone, and a web camera.

Please contact info@codingtemple.com for specific tech requirements for your exact course.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please reach out to info@codingtemple.com if you have any further questions.