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Tuition Assistance through AmeriCorps

Get up to 100% of your tuition covered through the AmeriCorps Tuition Assistance Program!

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What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers serve directly with nonprofit organizations to tackle our nation’s most pressing challenges.

AmeriCorps awards are certified up to your cost of attendance. Students may request AmeriCorps funds to cover charges for the selected cohort sessions. AmeriCorps Awards are received in two payments: one at the beginning of the session, the other near the mid-point. This means that your award will be provided to you in two equal disbursements. AmeriCorps Awards will be considered as part of your Financial Aid package for the academic year requested.

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How do I qualify?

Minimum requirements to qualify for Coding Temple AmeriCorps:

  • Active AmeriCorps member
  • Recipient of the Segal Education Award
  • Proficient in English
  • Must be 18 years or older

Individuals of any occupation or technical knowledge level can enroll in this program, if the requirements above are met.

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See if you qualify

Eligible participants

The Schools of National Service initiative recognizes that individuals who served in AmeriCorps bring tremendous value to higher education or other post-secondary experience that benefit the institution, other students, and their community. AmeriCorps’ member’s experience, leadership skills, problem-solving ability, and commitment to civic engagement are a welcome addition to any learning environment.

Coding Temple is the premier choice for individuals seeking technical education!

We recognize that each person brings unique talents and backgrounds to the workforce, and we are committed to helping them succeed in tech careers through our programs. Our alternative paths offer a valuable opportunity for individuals to enter the workforce and build successful and fulfilling careers in tech.

Choose Coding Temple for accessible, high-quality technical training that will prepare you for financial stability. Join our community of successful graduates and let us help you achieve your career goals while minimizing student debt. Don’t let a lack of coding experience hold you back – start your journey to a fulfilling career in tech today!

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What's included in program cost

Pre-work curated by experts to help you prepare for your specific course.

Individual feedback and guidance from experienced instructors and TAs plus small class sizes.

Comprehensive curriculum and expert instruction designed to take you from a beginner to industry-ready in a matter of weeks.

Dedicated Student Relations Managers to help you combat imposter syndrome, improve time-management skills, and be successful throughout the program.

A professional quality portfolio to help you succeed in technical interviews and demonstrate your skills and abilities.

Lifetime career support after graduation to help you navigate your job search, from application to salary negotiation, and more.

Technical interview training and preparation to help you succeed in technical interviews and demonstrate your skills and abilities.

Digital Credentials and a certificate of completion to showcase your new skill set on LinkedIn.

Access to our employer and alumni network to connect with a community of professionals and gain valuable resources for networking, career advice, and job opportunities.

Continuing education and workshops post-graduation to help you stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and skills.

Where do I start?

We are here to help streamline the process!


Application and basic skills assessment

Submit your application – it takes less than 5 minutes. After you apply you will be sent a basic skills assessment. Our 50-question assessment is meant to test your cognitive skills. Don’t stress! We want to know if you can think like a programmer, if you can we will take it from there!

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Manage Your Education Award

  1. Login to your MyAmeriCorps portal
  2. Check your award balance and value
  3. Request payments to educational institution and loan holder
  4. OR Request forbearance on qualified student loans
  5. You’re ready to get started!

Program admittance

Once the eligibility forms are complete on both the job center and Coding Temple’s end, an admissions advisor will be in touch. You will gain access to our prepatory work, slack channels, and 1:1 support before class.


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