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At Coding Temple, we’re dedicated to making education accessible and affordable. Our tuition assistance options help you reduce student debt and minimize the cost of your education, all while providing opportunities for personal growth and success.

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Why Choose Coding Temple's Tuition Assistance Options:

  • Affordable Learning

    Reduce student debt and financial barriers with our cost-effective learning options.

  • Quality Education

    Gain industry-relevant, high-quality tech education without compromising on excellence.

  • Supportive Community

    We’re more than an institution; we’re your support system, committed to your success from enrollment to graduation and beyond.

  • Career Opportunities

    Partnered with WIOA, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Illinois, World Business Chicago, Microsoft, and growing for your career success.

Explore Coding Temple’s tuition assistance options and unlock a brighter, more affordable future. Apply today!

Where do I start?

We are here to help streamline the process!


Application and basic skills assessment

Submit your application – it takes less than 5 minutes. After you apply you will be sent a basic skills assessment. Our 50-question assessment is meant to test your cognitive skills. Don’t stress! We want to know if you can think like a programmer, if you can we will take it from there!

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Schedule an admissions call

Talk with our admissions team so we can get to understand your career goals and answer any questions you have about your program.

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Manage Your Sponsorship

  1. Make sure you check your designated tuition assistance eligibility on your application
  2. Admissions will work with you to verify your eligibility
  3. Based on your eligibility, a funds transfer will be supported by a helping hand at Coding Temple
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Program admittance

Once the eligibility forms are complete on both the job center and Coding Temple’s end, an admissions advisor will be in touch. You will gain access to our prepatory work, slack channels, and 1:1 support before class.

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We’re here to help you understand our curriculum and financing, as well as give you information about post-graduation services.

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