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Transform your career with Coding Temple’s Tech Residency. Real-world Software Development experience in just 8 weeks

Made for students. Built for success.

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Created to meet the needs of career changers

  • Get peace of mind with our job guarantee
  • Stand out to employers with real team experience
  • Collaborate on projects mirroring real tech workflows
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Created to meet the needs of career changers

What You Will Gain

Perfect for those ready to elevate their skills, collaborate on meaningful projects, and make an impact in the tech world.

  • Hands-on development with peer-led teams.
  • Connect with industry leaders and peers.
  • Graduates join top companies, elevating their careers.
  • 62%

    faster time to securing a technical role

  • 53%

    saw an increase in securing job interviews

What You Will Gain

Hands-on experience, not theory, is how you learn

Gain practical skills in creating a Minimum Viable Product, encompassing the art of identifying key features, rapid prototyping, and iterative feedback to develop a functional, market-ready product.

  • Tackle real-life coding problems, enhancing your critical thinking and coding skills beyond theoretical knowledge.
  • Apply agile development methods, mirroring industry-standard practices.
  • Receive and implement feedback from mentors and peers to refine your skills.
Hands-on experience, not theory, is how you learn

Mentors who want you to succeed and work with you

Mentors work alongside you, providing the encouragement, expertise, and real-world insights necessary for your transformation into a skilled software developer.

  • Receive one-on-one mentorship from experienced professionals dedicated to your learning and success.
  • Gain valuable insights into the tech industry from mentors who provide career advice and share their professional experiences.
  • Benefit from constructive feedback on your projects, helping you refine your skills and grow as a developer.

“The supportive environment, coupled with guidance from mentors, has truly helped me enhance my skills. The collaborative nature of the program allowed me to work a on real-world project, fostering practical learning and problem-solving abilities and also afforded the opportunity to connect with fellow developers which has expanded my professional network.”

Transformative, Supportive, Collaborative

Mentors who want you to succeed and work with you

Work on a cross-functional team as a developer

You’ll experience the dynamics of a real software development team, working collaboratively with diverse professionals to build impactful solutions.

  • Engage with a team of developers, designers, and project managers, simulating a true tech workplace.
  • Gain insights from different areas of tech, enhancing your understanding and versatility as a developer.
  • Learn to navigate and contribute within a structured project timeline, balancing teamwork and individual responsibilities.

“Co.lab does so much to set you up with real-life experience developing a product. As a Front-end Developer, I learned so much from talking to my designer and fellow developers about project scope and how to talk about designs and all the decisions that go into it. I came out with a real-world MVP product that I helped develop from the start. Our project Mentor also gave us invaluable knowledge about how to navigate a project and how to further our goals outside of co.lab.”

Fulfilling team-building tech experience

Work on a cross-functional team as a developer

Is the Tech Residency right for you?

Designed for passionate software developers who can dedicate 15-20 hours weekly for 8-weeks. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, the Tech Residency is your gateway to success.
  • Collaboration

    Immerse yourself in a collaborative environment where teamwork is key to developing innovative software solutions.

  • Dedication

    Your commitment to the program is vital, ensuring meaningful progress and team contributions throughout the 8-week journey.

  • Flexibility

    The program’s flexible structure allows you to balance your tasks with other personal and professional commitments.

  • Independence

    While teamwork is essential, the program also fosters working independently, honing problem-solving + self-management skills.

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