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Skills & technologies covered


Skills & technologies covered

Skills & technologies covered



Intro to Quality Assurance

You will be introduced to Quality Assurance and you will gain a solid foundation in QA Engineering. You will explore the role of QA in the software development life cycle, learn to identify and understand software defects, and discover different testing techniques. You will also apply your knowledge by writing test cases for simple software functions and gain hands-on experience with manual testing techniques, including creating test plans, test cases, and bug reports.


Manual Testing Techniques

This lesson empowers students with the skills to conduct thorough and effective testing, spanning functional and non-functional domains. By the end of this lesson, learners will have a robust understanding of testing planning, case creation, design techniques, and their practical applications.


Automation Testing Basics

Lesson 3 introduces learners to Automation Testing, exploring its advantages, challenges, and practical implementations. By focusing on essential tools such as Cypress.io, participants gain a strong grasp of automating quality assurance procedures. Scripting languages are also introduced, aiding students in converting manual test cases into functional scripts, and Git is harnessed for version control and collaboration. Through interactive activities and hands-on projects, learners cultivate expertise in automation testing, equipping them to enhance software development practices effectively.

Technologies Used

Cypress.io, Git, GitHub


Advanced Automation Testing

In Lesson 4, participants will expand their knowledge beyond foundational concepts. They will explore a range of topics, including diverse Automation Testing Frameworks and the application of complex scripting techniques involving conditional statements, loops, and error handling. Learners will proficiently address intricate scenarios like alerts, frames, and dropdowns. Additionally, the lesson delves into advanced features of Cypress.io, encompassing the management of timeouts, execution of JavaScript, and utilization of the Cypress.io API for intricate tasks. The significance of script reusability will be highlighted through custom command creation, ultimately culminating in a practical project where participants construct a custom Cypress.io command, effectively translating advanced concepts into tangible application.

Technologies Used

Python, Flask, HTML 5 , CSS 3, Bootstrap, REST API, Heroku

Skills Learned:



API Testing

In this lesson, students will explore the world of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and their critical role in modern software applications. By the lesson’s conclusion, students will have attained a comprehensive understanding of API testing, encompassing its significance, the tools involved, automation strategies, and practical application. This will enable them to skillfully navigate the intricacies of API testing, effectively assess APIs, employ relevant tools, automate procedures, and apply their acquired skills to tangible projects.

Technologies Used

APIs (REST, SOAP, GraphQL), Postman, Swagger, SOAPUI, Cypress


Performance Testing

Throughout this lesson, students will delve into the realm of Performance Testing, a critical aspect of ensuring software quality. By the conclusion of this lesson, learners will have gained an in-depth understanding of the purpose, methodologies, tools, and practical execution of performance testing. Students will understand various testing forms—Load, Stress, Endurance, Spike—and hone skills in crafting testing plans and using tools like JMeter, LoadRunner, and Gatling. Students execute tests, interpret outcomes, and identify areas for enhancement.

Technologies Used

JMeter (including installation, setup, and key features), LoadRunner (introduction), Gatling (introduction)


Quality Assurance in DevOps and Continuous Testing

In this lesson, students will explore the intersection of Quality Assurance (QA) with DevOps practices and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) methodologies. By the end of this lesson, learners will have a comprehensive understanding of how QA fits into the DevOps landscape and how continuous testing drives efficiency and quality throughout the software development lifecycle.

Technologies Used

Jenkins, Travis CI, CircleCI, GitHub, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

Module 8

Security Testing

Learners will delve into the critical realm of safeguarding software integrity. Exploring various security testing types including Vulnerability Scanning, Security Scanning, and Penetration Testing, students will uncover the essential techniques for revealing vulnerabilities. Engaging in hands-on activities, learners will refine their practical skills, while also grasping the significance of the OWASP Top 10 in the context of web application security. Empowered by tools such as OWASP ZAP and others, students will proficiently conduct comprehensive security assessments.

Technologies Used

OWASP Top 10, OWASP ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy)

Module 9

QA Best Practices and Tools

In this comprehensive lesson, Students will dive into the world of Quality Assurance (QA) methodologies, industry-standard best practices, and an array of essential tools. By the lesson’s end, learners will not only possess a profound understanding of QA’s role within various project management methodologies but also be equipped with the knowledge to employ best practices and leverage diverse tools to enhance their QA processes.

Technologies Used


Module 10

Final Project and Career Preparation

Module 10 covers the Final Project and Career Preparation. It includes a review of key concepts and tools, performing a complete QA process on a web application, career preparation, interview readiness, final project presentations, and course wrap-up.

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