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Essential Career Advice for Bootcamp Alumni in Tech

As a coding bootcamp alumnus, you might be seeking career advice to help you navigate the tech industry and maximize your job prospects. In this article, we’ll look into the significance of coding bootcamps and their influence on alumni’s professional paths. We’ll begin by discussing the value of coding bootcamps in providing comprehensive educational experiences […]

Who Should Learn Python in 2023? Top Reasons to Start Today

If you’re wondering who should learn Python in 2023, the answer is simple: anyone looking to break into the tech industry or enhance their current skill set. As one of the most popular programming languages today, Python offers a wide range of applications and career paths for those willing to invest time in learning it. […]

Coding In Public: Help Battle Imposter Syndrome and Inspire Others

Entering the tech industry can be intimidating, particularly when confronted with impostor syndrome. Showcasing your newly acquired skills as you progress down a new career path in tech can be challenging, but I’m here to help. “Coding In Public: Help Battle Imposter Syndrome and Inspire Others” aims to provide valuable insights on how to overcome […]