Is Now the Right Time to Join a Coding Bootcamp?

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The job market is undergoing a significant shift. Employers are looking for tech talent, but the demand isn’t able to be met by traditional pathways. What does that mean for employers? Employers will be exploring alternative pathways to source their entry-level tech talent. What does that mean for prospective students? If you were looking for a clear signal that now is the best time to join a bootcamp this is it. You can learn to code and get hired in just a few months—it’s that simple! But before you sign up for one of these intensive programs, let’s explore what makes this option so attractive right now:

Market shift

The job market is undergoing a significant shift. With the unemployment rate at its lowest point in over 50 years, employers are looking for tech talent more than ever before. Where will they find that talent? A reskilling report by P33 shows that there is over 160k+ active job postings for tech roles in Chicagoland alone while only 850 new tech-ready graduates are coming out of traditional pathways. The market increase is going to force companies to look at coding bootcamp graduates as a very substantial means to increase their workforce needs.

The noise: everyone in tech is getting laid off

It’s hard to ignore the headlines in the media that big-tech companies are laying off tech talent in drove. It has been described as the great tech talent shift of our generation. Paypal, Groupon, Twitter, Facebook, IBM, Intel, and Spotify are all doing major layoffs already in 2023 – how can this possibly be the time to join a bootcamp? Well, it’s simple really. These major layoffs are not heavily weighted in entry-level positions that coding bootcamp graduates are best poised to fill.

A digital transformation: reskilling

It’s being reported that Companies are investing heavily into their existing infrastructure to fill tech gaps within their organization. The best way to do this is by reskilling their current workforce to be trained in sought-after tech stacks. Within an organization, this is known as “responsible restructuring”. The digital transformation age is turning front-line workers that are being replaced by tech into tech-savvy programmers themselves. If a cashier or call center rep is going to be replaced or phased out with bleeding-edge technologies, it saves companies money to reskill their current workforce and repurpose within the new direction of the company’s goals. Look to your employer for upskilling or reskilling initiatives to pay for your tuition. You may love the company you are working for and an opportunity might be there to make your next career move.

Career changers: it’s skills vs. degrees

If you’re considering a programming bootcamp, it’s important to understand what it is and what it isn’t. A bootcamp is not a degree. It doesn’t get you a job in tech; it teaches you the skills necessary to get hired after graduation. However, these skills can be learned quickly and through an intensive immersive experience that can launch your career in the tech industry. You will learn how to code and how problem solve using technology. It’s often said bootcamp graduates are more resourceful because it’s like drinking out of a firehose – a new technology learned every week and absorbed. Even if you don’t have a computer science degree, many companies are hiring you with no experience and giving you the opportunity to grow as a programmer. In this industry, it’s your skills, not your diploma that will get you the start in the industry. Many companies are preferring bootcamp graduates over computer science degree holders. Companies know bootcamp graduates come with practical experience, behavior assessments, and technical assessments before graduating the program. Coding Temple bootcamp graduates come ready to be valuable contributors to a company’s workforce.


No matter the job market, the headlines, or the nerves you feel to make a meaningful career shift. There is no better time than the present to fulfill your goals. Our graduates often say, “I wish I pulled the trigger earlier. If only I could have seen where I am now three months ago.” That time compounds every day you don’t make an investment in yourself. If you are thinking about launching your career in tech, talk with our admissions team and we will point you on a career track that fits your goals.