Coding Temple Names Gregg Walrod Director of Engineering and Programs

CHICAGO, February 8, 2023— Coding Temple, a rapidly-growing tech talent development company, welcomed Gregg Walrod as its new Director of Engineering and Programs officially as of Feb 8, 2023. At Coding Temple, Gregg will lead the company’s engineering and programs team to align its pedagogical products with optimal commercial growth around Coding Temple’s core mission of becoming the #1 pathway to high-growth tech careers.

“For over a decade, Gregg has been an engineering leader and advocate for alternative pathways, and his contributions to the tech community have been evident,” said Evan Shy, CEO of Coding Temple, “his passion and expertise make him the ideal Engineering and Programs leader to help Coding Temple create the best professional preparation experience.”

Founded in 2015, Coding Temple has developed a track record of quality, as voted #1 bootcamp by Course Report, Fortune, Career Karma, among other leading authorities in EdTech. The team has focused on programs in four key career tracks to become a Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Front-End or Blockchain Developer. It’s that focus that has enabled Coding Temple to consistently earn the highest customer ratings compared to any other bootcamp across Curriculum, Job Placement, Instructors, and Overall Experience (see outcomes).

“I had the pleasure of hosting Coding Temple in the very beginning while I was working at The Nerdery and back then I knew right away they were on to something special when they decided to break the mold and teach languages no other bootcamps were. To be able to watch what the team has done from the sidelines as a Mentor has been a great privilege,” said Gregg Walrod. “I am beyond humbled to be joining the team to help further our goal of being the best space in the world for people to learn in our industry. What excites me most is the opportunity to leverage my experience of building engineering teams, combine it with the industry-leading programs the team has built, and partner with companies to hit one common goal – solve the world’s biggest challenges through technology!”

About Coding Temple:
We are using education to drive positive change in the tech industry. Our approach focuses on accelerated learning, offering accessible, high-quality education and training that helps students learn not just what to think, but also how to think critically and adapt to a rapidly-changing environment. We are dedicated to building the world’s top pathway for individuals to secure high-growth tech careers by incorporating real-world application into the students’ daily learning experience.