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AI Accelerator

Ship Custom AI Solutions Designed for Your Needs

  • Join a cohort led by an AI Expert
  • Work with a coach to identify where AI can benefit you
  • Engage with peers in live experimentation and interactive workshops
  • Prepare, Build, & Ship a solution that can save you an average of 10hrs per week

Build with industry-leading LLM and Automation Tools

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Coding Temple

$2500 USD

>1 seat discounts available


July 15th – July 31st

Mon, Tues, Wed 5:30pm-7:30pm CT

This course includes:

  • Daily office hours
  • 1:1 dedicated expert coach
  • Demo Day presentation
  • Certificate of completion
Key Takeaways

What you’ll get out of this course

Demystify AI & Basics 🤯

Learn how AI can enhance careers rather than replace them. Dive into the basics of AI models with engaging, simple explanations.

Discover AI Beyond Support 🌐

Explore innovative AI applications beyond customer support. Learn the comprehensive steps involved in setting up a chatbot, focusing on data integrity and security.

Create a Chatbot 🛠️

Build a robust chatbot using public data and effective prompts. Test and refine your creation in a practical setting.

Data Collection Best Practices 🔍

Understand the importance of data in AI and learn ethical, safe data collection methods to improve applications.

Automate Data Collection 🔄

Learn techniques for automated data collection, preparing to gather data efficiently and ethically.

Construct a Data Pipeline 📈

Build your first data pipeline using Python and automation tools, simplifying model updates.

Refine Chatbot Use 🤖

Focus on fine-tuning chatbots to prevent errors and ensure data accuracy in specific applications.

Experience Enterprise-Level LLM 🚨

Simulate managing a large language model (LLM) during challenging scenarios. Prepare for maintaining and developing these systems under stress.

Launch & Plan for Future Development 🚀

Launch your chatbot and outline a roadmap for ongoing AI development, setting the stage for future innovations.

The Structure

Learn by Building AI Solutions
to Work Better & Faster

  • 1Capture the strategic context
  • 2Evaluate Vendor capabilities & costs
  • 3Audit & Organize data sources & pipelines
  • 4Secure Workflows with data pipelines & delivery
  • 5Guided Development to learn and build
  • 6Evaluate & prioritize performance improvements
  • 7Demo & Ship new AI Solutions
  • 8Evaluate & Iterate, adjust and improve
  • 9Prioritize Backlog to ship your next AI Solution

Who is this course for?

The AI Accelerator program is specifically tailored to empower a range of professionals from various sectors to effectively utilize AI in their work environments. The program provides targeted insights and applications of AI suited to your professional needs.
  • Early-Career Tech Workers

    For early-career technical roles like junior developers and data analysts. This component enriches your technical skills with advanced AI knowledge, enabling you to implement cutting-edge solutions.

  • Productivity Seekers

    Ideal for those looking to enhance their efficiency and output using AI. Learn to leverage AI tools to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and optimize your work processes for better results.

  • New Grads

    Perfect for recent graduates with a tech-enabled background. The program emphasizes practical AI applications relevant to modern industries, boosting your employability and readiness for the workforce.

  • Individual Contributors

    Designed for professionals impacting projects and operations. Gain the skills to apply AI tools directly to your daily tasks, enhancing productivity and impact.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the right option for you!



$2,000per student

  • More than one – group enrollment
  • Company Prioritized AI Roadmap
  • Shipping Work-Ready Workflows


$2,500per student

  • Single learner enrollment
  • Focus on individual workflow
  • Varied Backgrounds Welcome


$1,500per employee

  • 10 or more employees
  • Cohort prioritized AI Roadmap
  • Org Wide Change Initiatives

The Solution

Why We Built the AI Accelerator

A 3-week, online bootcamp that blends education with execution by aligning a program directly to your roadmap and personalized specifically for your team to accelerate execution.


Program designed with world-leading experts.

Real-World Projects

Activities tailored to address your immediate business objectives.

Integrated with Work

Tools, templates and concepts you can immediately apply to current projects.

Collaborative & Social

Simulated Games, Breakout groups, and live experimentation with AI tools.

Program Experience

Jumpstart your AI Journey

Hands-on Learning at the Forefront

We deliver instruction in both theoretical concepts and practical application—never just one.

Collaborative and Project-Centric

Engage with your peers in breakout rooms and team projects. You will have the opportunity to prepare, build, and ship innovative projects.

Connect with Like-Minded Individuals

Become part of a community dedicated to Generative AI, filled with peers who share your professional aspirations in this exciting field.

Jumpstart your AI Journey

Here’s what students are saying

This experience immersed us in a think-tank of innovation, brainstorming how to implement these tools not only to benefit our employees but also to enhance the experience we provide to those we serve.

Katie S.

Participating in the AI Accelerator Course was one of my best experiences this year. I learned so many valuable things in just a few weeks.

Yessica S.

I liked the open discussion and group pairings. The delivery was great as well as the instructor’s style.

Ryan B.

One of the biggest changes is my heightened awareness of the importance of good data. I’ve come to understand that quality data is the backbone of effective solutions, and this realization has improved my approach to data collection, analysis, and management. Additionally, the program has made AI feel less intimidating. The hands-on experience and guided development sessions have given me the confidence to experiment with new tools and implement innovative solutions.

Natalie W.

It made me take a step back and want to really dive into the why’s behind all of it, I was a bit apprehensive at first to embrace AI and now I feel more comfortable having it in my tool belt, and excited to get more experience 🙂

Sarah S.

For me, it made me think a bit more into PII when working with bots, and found a nicer clearer way to communicate workflows for this type of work.

Kevin B.

I feel much more empowered in data cleaning and identifying areas for automation.

Sean C.


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