John Loveland

John Loveland

Career Path: Software Engineering

Financial Industry to techy in three months

Before Coding Temple: Financial Analyst

After Coding Temple: Technical Lead @ Apexon

What were you doing before you decided to attend Coding Temple?

Financial Analyst

What motivated you to enroll in a tech bootcamp?

I had experience on the business side of technical projects, and I wanted to move into the technical side.

Why did you ultimately decide to enroll at Coding Temple?

I wanted to become a software engineer. After about a year of trying to do it on my own, I decided I needed an accelerator.

What was the most challenging part of the program for you and how did you overcome it?

The most challenging piece was learning to accept that it’s okay to make mistakes and struggle to learn difficult things. A big part of overcoming that was the support of the staff.

What was the most valuable lesson or skill you learned during the program?

Start small, break big difficult problems into tiny addressable problems

What resources did you find most helpful during the program?

The TA resources were super helpful. As well as the group chat with fellow students.

What was the job search process like and how did Coding Temple prepare you for your current job?

I was hired by a Coding Temple grad, so I’d say it prepared me pretty well. The interview prep sessions and post-grad support is really good.

How has your career progressed since graduating from Coding Temple, and what are your future career goals?

I graduated around 18 months ago, I was recently promoted to a senior lead position working in C# / .NET / Azure. (I did have some C# experience prior to Coding Temple). Currently I am working to get certified as an Azure Solutions Architect and hoping to transition into a solutions lead with my employer, where I will work in the sales process to design overall solutions (applications/architecture/d for clients.

How did Coding Temple compare to your expectations, and what surprised you the most about the experience?

Coding Temple exceeded my expectations, but what surprised me most is how much the environment and program helped me accelerate my career. Despite almost a year of using free resources, I was struggling to get anywhere. In 8 weeks, CT turned me into a developer.

What advice do you have for current or prospective bootcamp students in terms of preparing for and succeeding at Coding Temple?

My biggest advice is, do the prework, devote yourself full time to the program, network with students and instructors.