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Skills & technologies covered


Skills & technologies covered

Skills & technologies covered




Learn the foundations of web development with HTML, CSS, Git, and the Command Line. This module will begin with the basics and quickly move into building your first professionally developed website. By the end of this module, you’ll have the confidence to build and organize coding projects and create multi-page websites using tools/methodologies like Bootstrap, CSS Grid, and Flexbox. Along the way, you will be learning how to back up, revise, and share your code with collaborators using Git.

Technologies Used

HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, Visual Studio Code, Git, GitHub

Skills Learned:

Static Web Pages, Project Structure, Version Control, Collaboration in Development

Designing Clean, Professional Web Pages Designing Clean, Professional Web Pages

Get familiar with building static web pages using HTML/CSS. Learn to apply multiple layout/styling techniques with individual projects and exercises that implement Bootstrap, Flexbox, and CSS Grid.

Mastering the Developing Environment Mastering the Developing Environment

Take a deep dive into the workflow of a developer. In this module, you will learn how to start working and thinking like a developer. Get comfortable with the VSCode text editor, protect and track your code with Git/Github, and learn industry-standard best-practices for collaboration.

MODULE 2 & 3


Get started with scripting in module 2 with Python. This module will get you up to speed on the core concepts of programming using Python’s elegant, easy-to-learn syntax. You’ll learn about looping, conditional statements, data types, object-oriented programming, and more – culminating in a series of small Python applications like shopping carts and interactive games. Module 3 will contain intermediate to advanced techniques building off of a basic knowledge of Python. We’ll learn about regular expressions, user-defined data structures, common algorithms, the importance of time and space complexity, as well as how to communicate our code’s efficiency with other engineers.

Technologies Used

Python, Jupyter Notebook

Skills Learned:

Python Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Asymptotic Analysis

Object Oriented Programming Object Oriented Programming

Build scalable, time-efficient projects using an object-oriented structure.

Data Structures and Algorithms Data Structures and Algorithms

Learn about the fundamentals of computer science by creating your own data structures and implementing popular algorithms. Apply this knowledge to your python projects to create quicker, more efficient applications.



Build, query, sort and update relational databases in module 4 with SQL. We’ll make our own functions to help automate SQL processes as well. Students will learn about making entity relationship diagrams, the importance of planning ahead when it comes to databases, and how certain data relates to other data. SQL Databases are an extremely important part of full-stack development, as they will eventually persist all of the data shown and collected in your applications.

Technologies Used

PGAdmin4, PostgreSQL

Skills Learned:

Entity Relationship Diagrams, Relational Databases, Advanced Querying, Database Management

SQL Databases SQL Databases

SQL is commonly used across the programming world. Whether you are storing user data for a web application, analyzing big data in fintech, or creating neural networks for a machine learning model… chances are you will be using SQL!



Build your first dynamic website in module 5 with Flask. Flask is a powerful back-end framework where we’ll combine Python, SQL, HTML, and CSS together to create a full-stack web application. We’ll discuss moving data to and from our application with an Application Programming Interface (API)I, how to create secure authentication for an app, and how to host our application on the internet via Heroku.

Technologies Used

Python, Flask, HTML 5 , CSS 3, Bootstrap, REST API, Heroku

Skills Learned:

MVC Frameworks & Design Patterns, RESTful APIs, User Auth, Deployment, CRUD Operations

Build a multi-tiered app together Build a multi-tiered app together

Build an Application using PostgreSQL, python and the Flask Framework. A first introduction to multi-tiered applications and creating your own Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).



Use JavaScript to create responsive web applications that users can display data from back-end applications (even ones we haven’t made). This is an important part of front-end development, as we will use JavaScript to help make our websites interactive for users to work with, as well as offering additional styling options. We’ll create a cryptocurrency app and work with Chicago Art Institute’s API to make a personal art gallery website.

Technologies Used

JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3, APIs, Axios

Skills Learned:

JavaScript Programming, API Calls, Asynchronous Programming, DOM Manipulation

Building a Clean User Experience Building a Clean User Experience

Write asynchronous JavaScript code to dynamically update front-end design and create a more interactive environment for your users.

Utilizing APIs to Use Data Utilizing APIs to Use Data

Learn how to use external Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to pull external data into your applications and display it to a user.




Bring dynamic functionality to the front-end with React. The final module in the course will cover Facebook’s very popular web-design framework for front-end. We’ll learn about components, how to move information within our front-end apps with Redux, how to connect to the back-end APIs, and more. This module will cover Typescript, functional programming, hosting and authenticating via Google’s Firebase, and creating custom hooks as well.

Technologies Used

React, Google Firebase, Custom Hooks, NPM

Skills Learned:

TypeScript, State Management, Functional Components, Routing, 3rd Party OAuth, Google Cloud Hosting

Building Modern Front-End Applications Building Modern Front-End Applications

Develop real-world single-page applications using react with functional components. Create a robust client-facing website that will seamlessly integrate with the backend we built in previous modules. You will learn industry standard best practices with Redux state-management, writing your own custom hooks, and hosting on Google Firebase.


Capstone Project

There will be one capstone project for this course.

Project: Creating your first Full-Stack Application Project: Creating your first Full-Stack Application

Build a phonebook app together with your instructor in-class by incorporating Flask, postgreSQL, HTML, and CSS to build a backend API. Practice your new skills on your own by building your own meme generator or mock library application.

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1:1 Live support sessions with an instructor

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Weekly peer programming and code wars sessions

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Real projects and graded assignments

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Dedicated Student Success Manager

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Slack community

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Fine-tune your communication

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Build your personal brand

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Sharpen your technical skills

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Leverage our employer network

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Build a meaningful community

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Utilize resources and templates


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"My overall experience at Coding Temple was super fun and insightful. As a student with zero-knowledge in programming, I was quite apprehensive about diving into the idea of this dreadful 3 month Bootcamp torture people make it out to be, but it was quite the opposite at the temple. In fact, I felt at ease the moment I did the introductory class and got to know more about the school curriculum and my classmates."

Tenzin L.

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"This was the best decision I have ever made. I learned so much during the three months at Coding Temple. I can now build full stack applications!! How amazing is that!! With the skillset I acquired at Coding Temple, I was able to land a job as a Software Engineer. I could not have landed it without the amazing instructors at Coding Temple."

Aydee R.

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"Coding Temple will take you where you want to go. It is hard to see progress in yourself until its exceptionally obvious, but trust the reviews and the program. For me, the structure, and expert guidance was the allure for this camp and I was not disappointed. I highly recommend this course, for anyone looking to get into software development as a career."

Joseph M.

Five Stars

“I didn't want a program that was set up as a bunch of videos to watch with no real support. I could get that from YouTube. So when I was researching the different bootcamp options out there, I liked that Coding Temple offered an instructor. Most did for full-time/in-person courses but CT also offers instructor support in their Self-Paced program. The instructor was extremely helpful when I ran into issues or needed a bit more explanation on various things we were learning. The assignments were engaging, dare I say FUN and challenged you to truly apply what you were learning in the course.”

Jennifer C.

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