Part 1 – Coding Questions

You will be turing in this assignment to you google classroom. Please save your 5 functions to one .py file demark the question numbers and the question in a comment above it’s respective function

Question 1

Write a function to print “hello_USERNAME!” USERNAME is the input of the function. The first line of the code has been defined as below.

    def hello_name(user_name):

Question 2

Write a python function, first_odds that prints the odd numbers from 1-100 and returns nothing

    def first_odds():

Question 3

Please write a Python function, max_num_in_list to return the max number of a given list. The first line of the code has been defined as below.

    def max_num_in_list(a_list):

Question 4

Write a function to return if the given year is a leap year. A leap year is divisible by 4, but not divisible by 100, unless it is also divisible by 400. The return should be boolean Type (true/false).

    def is_leap_year(a_year):

Question 5

Write a function to check to see if all numbers in list are consecutive numbers. For example, [2,3,4,5,6,7] are consecutive numbers, but [1,2,4,5] are not consecutive numbers. The return should be boolean Type.

    def is_consecutive(a_list):