Getting Started

Welcome to the Coding Temple introductory work! This introduction will help you prepare for the course you have selected and is required. In this endeavor, we will not only go over the current trends in technology but also help you understand the industry, think like developers, and solve complex problems.


  • Join Slack and Download the App
  • On Slack Check the pre-cohort-prep Channel for updates, additional information and to get help.
  • Sign up and Install Zoom
  • You will want decent typing skills! This website does a great job teaching how to type all the symbols programmers have to type.

Computer Skills Background Information

This portion is optional for those that are familiar with computers, but some course modules are still highly recommended.
All the modules can be found here: Intro Computing Modules


  1. Watch Welcome Video
  2. Complete the Required Installs.
  3. Book a time with an instructor to verify your installs are correctly set up.
  5. HTML/CSS Pre-work Homework
  6. Python101
  7. Python102
  8. Python Pre-work Homework


  1. HTML TextBook: ‘HTML & CSS Design and build Websites’
  2. Python Official Documentation
  3. Python TextBook: ‘Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming’

Setup your PC for software development

Below are 4 applications you need to install please follow the Steps in the Videos.
There are special instructions included so be sure to actually use the videos!

  1. Python
  2. VS Code
  3. Anaconda
  4. Git
  • Book a time with an instructor to verify your installs are correctly set up. While you wait for your meeting you can move on with the prework