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Is Technology a Good Career Path?

From artificial intelligence programming to SQL coding, there are several in-demand tech careers for 2024 professionals to know about. Whether you’re passionate about creating programs or becoming a specialist who deep-dives into web development, there’s a career open to you. Still, you may be asking: is technology a good career path in 2024? Read on to learn why […]

Career Advice

How to Get Into Tech Without a Degree

Imagine landing a job that keeps your stress minimal and also lets you save plenty of money. The tech industry is renowned for having many jobs with great compensation and work-life balance. It also has plenty of growth opportunities. As you cultivate your skills in the industry, you’ll quickly open doors that lead to better roles. However, […]

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You Don’t Have To Work “In Tech” For a Technical Career

Breaking into the tech world doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work “in tech”. A wide array of jobs outside traditional tech companies require tech skills, making a technical career more accessible than ever. This post will delve into how one can leverage their technology solutions expertise across various industries. We’ll draw from real-life examples […]