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When Nurses Exit: What Is the Most Common Career Change for Nurses?

A career as a nurse can be incredibly rewarding. These medical professionals see patients in their time of need, providing expert advice, services, and a reassuring spirit when they need them the most. However, the long hours that this profession requires can also put workers at a high risk of stress, burnout, and fatigue. According to one […]

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10 Jobs for Former Teachers

Since the average person spends about seven hours every day online, it’s no surprise that technology is an important part of our lives. This figure doesn’t even account for the software and applications that run on the background of every personal and corporate machine. Tech doesn’t just keep us connected – it keeps us running. That’s why […]

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Essential Tips for Career Changers Breaking into Tech

Embarking on a career change can be both exciting and challenging, but with the right guidance, you can make a smooth transition into your desired field. To kick off this blog post, we’ll delve into the steps necessary to make a successful career change – from determining why you want to switch fields and gaining […]

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Entry-Level Tech Candidates: Successful Career Change Tips

Securing a technical role as an entry-level applicant can be intimidating, yet with a proper plan and methodology, it’s totally achievable to secure your ideal position. This blog post aims to provide entry-level tech candidates with the necessary tools to stand out in a competitive field. It covers various aspects, such as creating an effective […]

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A 10-Year Look at Education Returns: Traditional vs Accelerated Pathways

The majority of individuals follow the traditional education pathway, which is not necessarily their preference but rather designed into the system. From kindergarten to high school, the average American isn’t left with much optionality in their individual educational pathway. After receiving a high school diploma or GED, we are faced with the choice of making […]