Eunice Kim

Eunice Kim

Career Path: Software Engineering

Nurse to Technical Consultant

Before Coding Temple: Registered nurse

After Coding Temple: Technical Consultant @ Strata Health

What were you doing before you decided to attend Coding Temple?

Registered nurse

What motivated you to enroll in a tech bootcamp?

Burnout from previous role and interest in the tech industry.

Why did you ultimately decide to enroll at Coding Temple?

I was drawn to the positive reviews of the career support services and the material covered in the bootcamp.

What was the most challenging part of the program for you and how did you overcome it?

Sometimes the homework or weekend projects assigned did not appropriately match what we learned (oftentimes much harder) and it was about changing my perspective on how to keep learning on my own and challenging myself.

What was the most valuable lesson or skill you learned during the program?

I gained a lot more self confidence and feel much more well rounded in my skills. I learned a great deal about myself through this process as well.

What resources did you find most helpful during the program?

TA assistance and the alumni career support.

What was the job search process like and how did Coding Temple prepare you for your current job?

I was able to land a job through an alumni referral and will be using one of the coding languages covered in the bootcamp. I was able to pass a technical assessment for the job based off of the knowledge learned in the course.

How has your career progressed since graduating from Coding Temple, and what are your future career goals?

I now have a job in the tech industry and I hope to keep working on becoming a software engineer.

How did Coding Temple compare to your expectations, and what surprised you the most about the experience?

The course itself did not meet my full expectations due to personally requiring more time to learn but it was an overall great experience and I am surprised at how much I learned.

What advice do you have for current or prospective bootcamp students in terms of preparing for and succeeding at Coding Temple?

Make sure you absolutely enjoy coding and understand that you will have to keep learning for the rest of your career. You might feel like you don’t understand something in the moment but you’ll find that you know far more than you think!