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Personalized, expert-led, three-week accelerator to develop and implement your AI roadmap, while enhancing your team’s AI capabilities.

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The Problem

AI is hard, time-consuming, 
full of missteps and false-starts.

  • 1Aligning AI with business objectives
  • 2Rethinking traditional processes
  • 3Recalibrating strategies
  • 4Wasted resources, failed outcomes
  • 5Operational disruptions, slow progress
  • 6Missed opportunities, misdirected efforts

The Problem

AI projects are complex, 
data-intensive, skill-scarce, 
and ethically nuanced

  • 1Complexity
  • 2Data-Intensiveness
  • 3Skill Scarceaity
  • 4Ethical Nuances
  • 5Increases project timelines and costs
  • 6Significant resources, Delayed milestones
  • 7Project stalls, higher costs
  • 8Reputational damage, Compliance issues

Our software development alumni are now working at:


The Solution

That’s Why We Built the AI Accelerator

A 3-week, online bootcamp that blends education with execution by aligning a program directly to your roadmap and personalized specifically for your team to accelerate execution.


Program designed with world-leading experts.

Real-World Projects

Activities tailored to address your immediate business objectives.

Integrated with Work

Tools, templates and concepts you can immediately apply to current projects.

Collaborative & Social

Simulated Games, Breakout groups, and live experimentation with AI tools.

The Structure

The Coding Temple Education by Execution Design System

  • 1Capture the strategic context
  • 2Evaluate Vendor capabilities & costs
  • 3Audit & Organize data sources & pipelines
  • 4Map Workflows with data pipelines & delivery
  • 5Guided Development to learn and build
  • 6Evaluate & prioritize performance improvements
  • 7Demo & Ship new Al solution
  • 8Evaluate & Iterate, adjust and improve
  • 9Prioritize Backlog to ship your next Al solution

The Solution

Coding Temple AI Education

We build configurable learning modules that can be selected and tailored to build your personalized program and solve your specific burning issue.

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AI Capability

  • Vendor Selection & Management
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Integration Strategies
  • Vendor Innovation Tracking
  • Increases project timelines and costs
  • Significant resources, Delayed milestones
  • Project stalls, higher costs
  • Reputational damage, Compliance issues
  • Wasted resources, failed outcomes
  • Operational disruptions, slow progress
  • Missed opportunities, misdirected efforts
  •  Aligning AI with business objectives
  • Rethinking traditional processes
  • Recalibrating strategies
The Solution

Problems We Solve & Capabilities We Build

Our tailored programs solve burning issues at all levels
  • Problems we solve

    • Bridging AI Knowledge Gaps
    • Enhancing Operational Efficiency & Innovation
    • Navigating Ethical & Compliance Landscapes

    Teams we serve

    • Leadership & Strategy
    • Technical & Development
    • Customer & Market-Focused
    • Support & Operations
  • Technical capabilities we build

    • AI/ML Fundamentals
    • Data Analysis & Management
    • Programming for AI Applications
    • AI Model Development & Deployment
    • AI Scaling & Maintanence
  • Functional capabilities we build

    • Strategic Planning & Innovation
    • Business Model Adaptation
    • Ethical Decision Making & Governance
    • Risk Management & Compliance
    • Communication & Collaboration Across Teams
The Solution

Our Learning & Business Outcomes

Our AI Accelerator teaches technical and non-technical teams how to build and launch new AI solutions for their business.
  • 11


    AI Use Cases Verified

    Average number of use-cases that are defined and mapped out in your roadmap

  • +250


    Hours Saved Per Week

    Average number of hours saved per week or equivalent to 7 Full-time employees

  • 20


    Data Sources Secured

    Internal and External Data Sources Secured to Fuel these solutions

Here’s why students choose Coding Temple

Dylan and Christian created a collaborative and inspiring learning environment. Their supportive and interactive teaching style significantly enhanced the in-class experience, making the intensive learning process not just bearable, but utterly enjoyable.

Coding Temple

Oackland T.

Dylan and Christian created a collaborative and inspiring learning environment. Their supportive and interactive teaching style significantly enhanced the in-class experience, making the intensive learning process not just bearable, but utterly enjoyable.

Coding Temple

Melibeth M.

I’ve always been intrigued to learn coding and to chance to work remotely. I chose Coding Temple based on the review and now, I can say that was a best choice!    I did the self-paced program and did my lessons and assignments and projects at my own pace-that was the beauty of it.

Coding Temple

Melisse Z.

I was still in my senior year of highschool, but I wanted a head start on my career! Coding Temple made that possible with their flex/self-paced schedule! With this I was able to complete lessons on time whenever it was convenient! Though the work was challenging and humbling, I had the help of fellow peers and instructors who I got to know very well, helping me with whatever issues one may face with code or issues with payment/deadlines! The experience is something that I will never forget and am forever grateful to have taken part in!

Coding Temple

Augustine T.

Coding Temple exceeded my expectations and left me feeling well-equipped for my career in coding. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to dive into the world of software development or looking to enhance their existing skills. I had fun learning from my instructors, who were always happy to help when I was stuck and willing to explain things in different ways if needed. They made learning the material easy.

Coding Temple

John C.

The best part about Coding Temple is the alumni resources, which include career and tech advisors for life!

Coding Temple

Ibsy M.

I started CT in February and just graduated yesterday. I tried out a couple of bootcamps before CT and knew they just weren’t for me. The culture, the way the curriculum was set up. I LOVED that the student to teacher ratio was about 1:4 (compared to others bootcamps where its about 1:15). Our instructors made it known it is a very fast paced course and set us up for success every step of the way. Id recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn how to code!

Coding Temple

Monique V.

The coding experience and confidence I gained from this boot camp cannot be overstated. In the span of 12 weeks I feel I reached a deep understanding of back end and front end development. The road map was clearly laid out and the staff was around anytime I needed help. The lectures were well structured and the pacing allowed for more in depth coverage on anything that I felt I didn’t understand at first.

Coding Temple

Mason B.

development for teams 
and business leaders

Develop Org-wide
Execution Capabilities

Deep immersive learning
experiences for both technical and non-technical teams

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